I walk within this wilderness
knowing that you're near
water rushing far beneath me
sunlight falling through trees.

Clear notes I sing; you follow those
and stand before me, powerless
barely conscious of this existence
soaked in vague memories.

How long I stand with you..
then  step away silently.
I find you later, eyes black.
Blank rage burning you inside.

Slipping into the depths
I let the current take me
our eyes lock, you're waiting near.
Memory and desire sit with you.

Later, night beats slowly down
but day dawns fast. So fast
I see you from a distance
remember why I meet you here.

I would take you with me
away from this woodland, out of sight
but I must turn away now
I cannot search for you again.

(inspired by Totem Animals. A story written by Edward Livingston-Blade)




Miakoda 2006



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