Wedding Evening

The lights glitter in darkness,
the music bold with carelessness.
I find a seat above the dance floor,
happy to be part of this.
Equally happy to be separate.

The room is lost in history,
the wallpaper a pattern of the past.
Which reflects the DJ's taste.
The Ronnettes, Summer and Otis.

No one minds of course.
This is a wedding, the dance floor is full.
A mixture of people using controlled steps
or with complete abandonment, Travolta style.

And the bride, still in her ivory dress, shining brightly
next to her  husband. A blaze with love,
drunk on wine, company, togetherness.
The strength of family ties never more apparent than this.

The buffet forgotten , the music continues.
Just look at that couple! Sex on the dance floor
and at the bar, and at their table (I smile,I laugh).
He lifts her up and almost falls over.

Weddings are wonderful events.
I leave in a rain of hugs and kisses.
And the sound of 'Be My Baby'
Echoing about me.


2004 Miakoda 2005




Uh oh I'm in trouble.
Deep deep trouble.
I was caught spinning on the carpet.
I just couldn't help it!

It was tidy up time and everyone had their areas.
There's a list you see, for everyone, including me,
all tidying up in their places, just as it should be.

Not me, the carpet was far too much fun.
So red like a big round lolly.
I just had to spin and spin
and feel that wind that's there when I run.

But Mrs. Wolf caught me
(she looks like a wolf, she does!)
So I had to sit in the naughty chair.
Never been there before.

Later I told my mum.
You know what she said?
"Son, you keep spinning.
Never mind authority".

Don't know what Mrs. Wolf will think.
So I'll spin in my head instead
That should keep everyone happy.
Me, the wolf and my mum.


2004 Miakoda 2005



Grandma's Fault

My Grandma won the lotto.
She said she'd share her wealth.
I waited for the cheque to come
and toasted her good health.

You can't take it with you

she laughed into the phone.
I applauded her philosophy;
what a sweet and kindly soul.

But then the finger of the Lord did point.
The call of Christ she heard
and gave it all to charity;
the timing was absurd!

Not that I am bitter.
Not that I am sad.
But I spent so much on credit
and I'm scared to tell my Dad!

Maybe I will run.
Yes, maybe I will flee.
One thing is for certain.
I won't go to Grandma's house for tea.

2004 Miakoda 2005



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