Weighted to the shore
Darkness falling now
Lead bones and blind eyes
Heartbeat slowing down

slipping fast into some familiar area
I am the wind rushing past cool turquoise waters
this ocean is falling away and I find that
Morpheus, Phobetor, Phantasos surround me
both choreographer and dancer in this space
I am traveling to lands I shall never see.

I am an aerialist sailing through the sky
an elegant gymnast somersaulting cities
I pass bridges, rivers, small streams and vast farmland
I am mist sweeping over terrible mountains
I rise with the warmth of the air and I see that
land sliding slowly and daylight bending with me.

Here there are fabulous possibilities
there are no boundaries; there are no dead ends
I swim in the shadows cast by hastening clouds
painting momentary images of angels

I notice evening sunset
gravity beginning to pull
down, down, my body is heavy
sinking down to the valley's floor

I feel my bones and hard ground
Once again upon the shore.



Miakoda 2006



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