At The Vets

there is a notice pinned to the board.
Dorothy, lost Cat, grey with white socks
Friendly. Last seen January 3rd
Reward offered. Please call this number...

I wonder... who is lonely now?
A lady of 70? A family? A child?
How long before they give up hope?
Or maybe she crept back when no one was looking...

Well, I go home, wash dishes, iron clothes
watch the snow fall, the particles resting
so carefully upon the clothes line. The curtains
I pull tight and outside the ground freezes slowly.

At 6pm, when it's time to cook something
I find my coat, I leave a note for others
I lock the door, I take a torch and walk.
It can't be hard to find blood stained prints

in the dark.


Miakoda 2006



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