Can Dead People Eat Pasta?


I'm dead. Definitely dead.
If I'd had a watch, if only
but I forgot it again
and the clocks changed
one hour and fourteen minutes late
damn it, I'm sure I'm dead.

I'm opening the front door, saying bye
to some grown-ups in their lounge
why didn't Adrian say something?
Talk about time? Where's his watch?
I'm so dead, I'll be wasted
I don't want to think about it.
And I only live up the street!

It's sunny outside. The clouds are big and white
and I can taste the soft pasta already
it's there on the plate with a tomato sauce smiley face
unless I'm dead.

It tastes like love, always
I want it so much
I'm so hungry.
But I forgot my watch. And I'm late.
Can dead people eat pasta?



Miakoda 2006



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