A Few Seconds

The air is white here.
My body is weightless.
I am swimming slowly
through coldness.

Nature's colours are bright.
More vivid than any dream.
I see orange cliffs at strange angles
and the deepest blue river below.

This is pure ecstasy.
But I am a bird without wings
and the water whispers to me
as I fall.

Silence is the final call.


2004 Miakoda



Broken Bones

The forest is left alone in death.
Now broken bones scatter the land,
as if it didn't matter at all.
There disorder lies, forgotten.

Headless and stiff they are;
grey victims of senseless murder.
Unable to avoid the sudden fury.
Unable to protect their lives at all.

Dare you walk amongst the dead?
Far easier to turn away from this.
But still the battle ground remains.
This dead wood a mark of human disease.


2004 Miakoda



Food:The Ambivalent God

Embraced by self doubt in this thin society,
we cling to a scapegoat to help us out.
Some search for the answers in scriptural texts.
Others find food.

For eating, and food, are the evil agents,
tempting those who aspire to perfection.
A serving of guilt with every meal;
a vow of abstinence to follow.

This substance is a pleasure but also a sin,
reward with a cake and punish with denial.
Our discomfort with food soon finds its way in.
At the mercy of food, we create our own hell.


Food is love, from partners, parents, and friends.
It is love of life, of self.
Emotionally full inside, satiated, at peace,
we are wrapped in its unconditional love .


Food, the religion of modern day life.
Drink coke my friend, you know it's morally right.
Deny yourself sustenance, the path to enlightenment.
And meat is murder, remember that.


Life can be sweet, but disappointments bitter.
Truth can be more or less difficult to swallow.


2004 Miakoda




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