James Douglas Stevenson




It began with a loving little kiss;


Then one day this strong wind came
and blew all my sweet dreams away
And at the age of  what`s forgotten

thinking it was dire what I had to say.

The weight of the world on my shoulders
you knew what pain I was going through,
everyday I tried and strived to please you
whatever duty you command I should do.

You can see, I was the head of our family
where everyone else depended on `its ok`
every night I heard our butterfly was crying
"give them the strength to face another day.

Years have passed with the kids now grown
angels took our signet to a brand new home,
God knows why that I shed these silent tears
every Easter somewhere another will be born.

Dry those tears, I'm depending on you Daddy
show real strength and pull this family through.

 My Boy`s, all that fighting is over

                            now it's all left up to your Mum.
                           I will carry on aimlessly searching,

                          but up in heaven, I will find our Son.




James Douglas Stevenson 2005




      Don`t feel so bad

      because its over,

      like my falling rain

      it keeps on pouring

      our sun she`s gone

      shadows remaining

      too follow it through

      without complaining

      wind rips off  leaves

      my trees are so bare

      and looking nakedly

      falling on my ground

      no leaf makes a sound

      trampled underneath

      the feet of my fallacy

      forget them forever

      my truth of simplicity

      complexions so fair

      even after apologies

      held in your thoughts

      oh held so preciously

      closer my togetherness

      has been blown away

      by a gust gone astray

      it has blown us down

      with others crying too

      all for usless nothings

      begining with something

      but randomly plucking

      sucking my breath away

      gust of wind on a rainy day

      I am sodden in your soil

      as you embrace I recoiled.


      Please don`t look so sad

      the weather is unpredictable.




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