James Douglas Stevenson




      Whispers in the morning

      with a comforting hand,

      my love costing nothing

      free, for those who can.


      Newly budding flower

      sweet scented aroma,

      mind swelling thoughts

      bring me out of a coma.


      let me repeat this trading

      with ferocious sensuality

      softly spoken persuasion

      making naked practically.


      Let the springs dance again

      bed shall groan without fuss

      until both sweetly surrender

      having satisfied you enough.




                 Humpty Dumpty if you can re-call

                     was so over-sized but not very tall,

                            nibbled by the rich, scoffed by the poor,

                            what`s hidden inside I`n not very sure.


                           What was your gift or the Easter surprise

                            that was sealed away from prying eyes,

                            did you fall or was it a deliberate push,

                            or perhaps in truth, it`s accidental abuse.


                            Millions never see, any Easter Sunday

                            greedily swallow`d the previous Monday.


                            Christianity points to the rolling stone,

                             Shepherd returns to gather their flock

                             most appear dirty but some are clean

                             the black return, Shepherd takes stock.


                             Other religions would just rather ignore

                              the secret of the egg or what`s instore,

                              but I`m a christian who wants to know

                              who goes up above and who goes below.


                             Wee microsoft Humpty wants us to install

                              programs for Easter to remember that fall,

                              I protest that you should ignore this urge,

                              come Easter Sunday be with me in Church.


                                                 Jesus with Jamie




      James Douglas Stevenson 2005





      Slipping away, drained of strength

      weaken`d limbs slowly relents,

      beaten & bruised, so un-attractive

      where I have been, has been acted.


      Toil & strife, the facts about sadness

      depression hanging onto every class,

      rich or poor, any colour of their skin

      all suffering the same, be it 1st or last.


      Man at war with a Woman of peace

      bright holds brightly again they kiss

      quietly making the breaking of bread

      flags of truce waving above our heads.


      I pendulously swing from good to bad

      great being charming with my darling

      swinging badly starling becomes hawk

      who lives off weaker birds in any flock.


      When bird fly`s highly, this eagle of mine

      gliding in the air making hardly a sound

      hold on to my wing, let me take you there

      to a place of safty, to love honour and care.



      Broken hearted, this is how our story started

      all for good reasons, the badness goes away

      great times return the kind that make my day

      making you smile, after this joker went astray.









          My feelings would melt in the snow

           all these emotional seeds must grow,

           burning with desire, a mind on fire,

           as your sweetness undresses my soul.







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