James Douglas Stevenson



teenie weenie tiny men


        Last night as I was reading, my head became unclear,

        I closed my book to rest my eyes and pour myself a beer.

        I sat and sipped and thought of things that I had never

        thought before, and reading my stephen king book had

        become such a terrible chore. So I lazed and dozed for

        a little while until something had caught my eye, looking

        I blinked then looked again as I strangely wondered why.

        I saw teenie weenie tiny men who were marching up my

        arm e`rr, since this is not a usual thing, I guardingly

        view`d them with alarm. They wore teenie weenie tiny shirts

        made from teenie weenie tiny threads, and wore teenie

        weenie tiny helmets upon their teenie weenie tiny heads.

        Wearing teenie weenie tiny marching boots they marched

        n laughed n giggled a bit mouthing in their teenie weenie

        tiny hoots. They had teenie weenie tiny knapsacks slung

        over teenie weenie tiny backs, wearing khaki-coloured

        uniforms, and carrying teenie weenie tiny flasks. They

        marched in such great precision as they scaled my arm

        with ease, until a teenie weenie tiny officer suddenly

        turned around to tease. A teenie weenie tiny soldier

        tripped having a teenie weenie tiny fall, and he toppled

        into another one until fallen had them all. They hit my

        sleeve then rolled a bit in the wrinkles discovered there,

        they hid themselves grabbing guns then taking aim so

         fair and square. They fired teenie weenie tiny bullets

        sounding off teenie weenie tiny cracks then they threw

        their hangrenades at their teenie weenie tiny backs.

        They faught and swore and scuffled whilst having

        a teenie weenie tiny war the action so fast and so

        furious and it was heard beyond afar. And when

        at last the smoke did clear and they all lay sprawled

        around, lying here and there and everywhere not

        a din nor scream nor sound. Suddenly one sat up

        and rubbed a bump atop his teenie weenie tiny head,

        then slowly they all began to move I was surprised no

        one was dead. They stood there laughing in joker-jest

        giving each other some hearty hugz, whilst reaching

        into their knapsacks and producing, teenie weenie tiny

        mugs. Suddenly they began to scale my glass to share

        in a spot of good cheer, and dipping teenie weenie tiny

        mugs they all drank with me, some beer.

                      James Douglas Stevenson 2005



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