James Douglas Stevenson





Until your waterways all run dry

all clouds removed from your sky

may the Heavens arrive very soon

as lovers make out under a moon.


I`ll carry you over every rainbow

into sunsets new going furthur along

playing harmonica for your music

as you chirp away at a lovers song.


Be the answer to all of my prayers

all the magic found in a lovers box

handle gently, as you sweetly caress

me, be my hound, for I am your fox.





Fairground attractions?

really not of my scene,

it`s where I am going,

not where I`ve been.


Best is yet to surface

the end is a begining,

fruit falling from trees

woodpeckers singing.


Cy`amantra "Tyrona,

white-feather friend,

sparrow and starling?

broken wings mend.


So live it, flying so freely

give distance to ground,

you`re my Eagle of venus

I`m a star you have found.






Through the eyes of a Child.

Can you swear in all truth

that dragons don`t exist?

nor fairy`s, goblins or elfs?

bunny talks whilst having fun

mrs otter speaks with daughter

who is so big she weighs a ton.

I do believe without a pause

I also believe in santa-clause,

Irish leprechauns  running free

clouds make faces just for me

Kingdoms reaching to the sun

not all for me, we share all fun

bright imaginations running wild

I can see through the eyes of a child.  



No electronic parts, no batteries.
no monthly payments and no fees
inflation proof, I`m so practical
no required tax, quite relaxable
i can't be be stolen, won't pollute,
freshly squeezed, I do not dilute
I have little energy, so carry me
it yields happy results enormously,
I releive all tension and your stress,
delightfully supplying all happiness
I defeat depression, again you dream
quickly I elevate your self esteem
Your bad circulation I can correct
Without the unpleasant side effects
It is, I think, the most perfect drug
May I prescribe, my one true love?

    (of course fully returnable!)


        With Love from Jamie.





James Douglas Stevenson 2005


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