James Douglas Stevenson



my dreams by day are judged this way

tho dreams at night are judged the other

your tender kiss, that smacks of pain,

the promise of love from one to a lover.


Words to heal what they have wounded

spoken, as tokens in both peace and war.

Proficiently used by the Eagle`s of Law

to describe what a witness actually saw.


Words for selling and buying or revealing

untruths or in honesty of how I am feeling,

believing a saying as opposed to any scene,

sun shall shine with my thoughts so clean.


Words are the ingredients of a insidious law

the law above all, our love that never denies.

When We give birth to love it is truly forever

as it gushes up-stream for my love is a river.


wee teenie weenie teddy-bear

who has so much fur than hair,

oh never think that I dont care

about you on a fun day morning.


I`ve never really cared before

after`all you came from a store

chosen to love U forever more

well at least until my lunchtime.


wee teenie weenie come to me

I`ll brew for you my tetley-tea,

chocolate biscuits then a party,

goodtimes never to be forgotten.


night-time comes then, off to bed

with fairy-stories alive in my head

after I lock you in my garden-shed

I`d never sleep with johnny rotten.




        Hungry Man forever running late

        Boss demands I`m there for eight

        7-30 still time for some breakfast

        porkies to fry yum-yum, delicious

        standing with a frying pan in hand

        skins started appealing to this man

        sausages suddenly began to squeal

        then I heard a voice call out to me?

        if you eat me you must eat all three

        my sister & brother cooking away

        all for hunger we were put in a tray

        now we`re fried and on your plate

        doused in sause, waiting to be eat.


        I rushed out the door of an empty house!

        leaving three from me to a hungry mouse.




        From dusk till dawn

        what a carry on

        just cruising along

        smoking the bong.


        We did some of that

        with turpine dave

        and pat the rat

        luvin something

        lets call her jean

        the bird supplier

        of amphetamine.


        Objectively it was so perfect

        so precious, so rare of a find

        convection flowing so warmly

        which makes us one of a kind.




        James Douglas Stevenson 2005


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