James Douglas Stevenson



This is a commemorative book dedicated to the memory of James Douglas Stevenson who passed away on the 5th November, 2005 after a long illness.  James had an unusual, brilliant mind and produced a wealth of literature, his most memorable (sadly unfinished) work, being Whatever Became of Tights (edited version: Bubbles of Turbulent Delights ).  It seems fitting, therefore, to display his memorial in book form, or as close as we can come to this in an online environment.



  *Jamie's work is displayed in it's original form with no alteration to formatting etc.*




one-set in sunset on sand


Breaking waves, broken hearted
this is how my story started
salted tears fell on beachy sand
awake each night trying to think
when all the fighting first began
sitting as lovers watching sunset
on another blanket, on our shore.

I return each night alone with reason
fear back home that you are leaving
this love now lost, no fear of dying
crushing to a heart severely bleeding
seagulls sang but now they`re crying
I will awake with no arms to hold me
or to comfort warmly when I comply.

Waving goodbye to sand and seagulls
footprints make imprints upon a shore
mine have gone, I now have no reason
sadly leaving, I am gone for evermore.

James Douglas Stevenson 2005




Jamie by Cathy Edmunds