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In addition to the wealth of literature Jamie produced and displayed in writing communities, it was apparent to all that he loved to talk. No subject was beyond him; each time a topic for discussion appeared on a message board you could rely upon Jamie to have something to say about it. Below are a small selection of  his replies to posts which serve as a sketch of the man behind his work.




I too have had several near death experiences (three to be exact) but only one time was I aware of my life slipping away.

I was aware of the fact that nothing else (medically) would be done and I am a human being, I wanted to live forever.


I remember quite vividly when I had lost my resolve and death was my friend and I accepted the fact the my journey had come to an end.


I had a visitor one afternoon, this was no expected visitor nor family member or friend niether were they hospital staff. This was no stranger but I felt at ease and strangely this man (it was a man) was somewhat expected by my inner-self.


This individual was from some african nation and very old so I never thought of God or Jesus Christ and this was no apparition (very-very real) and apart from some pleasantry conversation this individual said to me; "it is your mission to seek/uncover the evidence that will prove the existance of a third sex!.


And He spoke about vehicles (our bodies) reaching their destination in this life. He spoke about the (purpose) of human life. Then He introduced me to someone (who resembled a human being) this time it was a Woman (an average woman) this one was white and offered me, with out-stretched arms some liquid and it was not in a cup it was as if there was an invisible  bowl holding the fluid.


She never spoke but with a trusting smile I knew She wanted me to drink the fluid (no memory of ever drinking any fluid) but what I do remember actually took place. I am nothing special, cut me and I shall bleed, hurt me and I will cry.


I hope you are ashamed of the part of you that wanted to die my friend ?. Life is so precious and with all its pain and suffering, "this is a beautiful world".


I would like to to chat some more but the other members might object with all this depressive emotion hanging in the air.


When this human vehicle is ready for the scrap-heap, then We are given another vehicle suitable for the next journey.


I welcome death and surrender I shall (and I know not what fate awaits me)


My journey goes on..............


                                             Thinking of You.



I read my last message (again) yeah! it beggers belief :-) nonesensical drivel. "I`m full of it- anyways I`ve just been listening to "climbing timely"- I love Her voice :-) reminds Me of an aged friend. Miss Stewart. Also a piano Teacher from way back yester-years. I promised to marry Her one day :-) tho I was 9ish She (mental-recollections) 30ish, so probably an old teacher now :-) I had a strange relationship with Miss Stewart - as I would`nt attend School, She came looking for Me...I can see Her now climbing over fences, climbing Hills to reach Jamie :-) nobody invited, that She should try to reason with me. Love, to me was something one knifely spreads on a slice of bread. 


Again I thank You. James.xx



:-) rambling again, oh I`m not posting in the noisy thread. my only crime is that I have real potential as a creative writer, ofcourse everyone has their critics my appeal may only attract the working class hero`s of a certain generation but

that audience is massive.


Staying positive.


I live with the auld enemy! I love England, it`s the people

who give it a bad name,



(tongue in cheek)


if what we eat says who we are?

I am wood-lice with snowflakes & wild-berries :-)


I once upon a time stumbled into an "Aussie, Bar in London where all these Aussie`s could`nt understand my Scottish (sense of humour) thought I came in for a fight :-) they soon warmly appreciated my nonesensical drivel... irony is a cheeky sarcasm.


Ned Kelly sounds like Jamie Stevenson (it don`t rhyme tho)          :-)





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