Feeding the ducks


They took me to the park today
- to sit, and feed the ducks

with Eve and Maud and George and Fred
and all those other decrepit old wrecks
"What fun we'll have!" they told us,
as we were setting off.

They said no more, so I hoped
that there'd be fun to have,
but instead, when we got there,
we sat, and fed the ducks.

Eve spoke to Maud, and Maud to George,
and Fred was all alone
so he came up to talk to me
- I didn't want to know.

At the first sign of the setting sun
(night-time, thrills, adventure too!),
they wheeled us back into the van
and said it's time to go.

"Go where?" I wondered, but not aloud
because I knew just where: "Home," they call it
- it's not my home. My home is not so far away
but nowhere near enough.

My daughter and my son one day
told me that I'm far too old.
"Too old for what?" I asked them then.
"To stay at home, here, on your own".

"But I'm not alone!" I said, with protest,
"I have my life, and my memories..."
Yet up for sale went my home, my life
and so here I am with those decrepit wrecks

where the only fun we ever have
is to sit, and feed the ducks.




2006 Eline





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