she closes up but she cannot contain
the torrent that threatens to tear her apart.
for a moment, too brief, far too brief,
a moment that passes in the blink of an eye;
for a moment, she keeps it all dammed in,
but a sob escapes, then a wail, and more.
the pain is astounding, the anger too.
the fury, she is overwhelmed, it flows on,
on and over her, she cannot keep up.
it washes over her, and she drowns, she sinks.
she's in her next life.



2006 Eline




birth, part 2


                                      and so on it goes,
the process begins anew; and she wakes.
behind her she sees the only way out
but it's closed off, now, it's gone,
it's never coming back, not ever again.
the carriage will hold her, protect her,
comfort her, clean her, ensure she is well;
but never again will it carry her home,
back to the world she had started to love,
even in those opening moments, and soon -
too soon - the memories fade: they're gone.




2006 Eline





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