I'm standing near the edge
Nearly falling but I'm balanced
(only just).
Miles from the bottom
But it's so close I can touch it
And there's hours still to go
Before they come and rescue me.
Hours, days, weeks, even!
Maybe no-one will come?
Maybe I'm to be stuck here for ever and ever
And ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
And ever and ever and -
Oh, here's someone.
Don't push me! Don't! No!


2004 Eline Khanom



I am the beginning


I am the sun and I am the moon
I am the transcendental aum.
I am the spirit and Supersoul
I am the nothing, I am the whole.
I am the stars and I am the Earth
I am the value and I am the worth.
I am the path and I am the trend
I am the beginning, middle and end.


I am the promise and I am the lie
I am destruction and all things that die.
I am creation and things that are born
I am the seed, the stamen and thorn.
I am the banyan, the oak and all trees
I am the ocean, the rivers and seas.
I am the stomach, the lungs and the heart
I am the beginning and I am the start.


I am the knowledge and I am the truth
I am the feather, the claw and the tooth.
I am the fish, the whale and the shark
I am the light and I am the dark.
I am the sky and I am the birds
I am the greatest of letters and words.
I am the carriage and I am the wheels
I am the beginning and end of all ills.


I am the autumn of golden leaves
I am everything that breathes.
I am the winter when the snow falls
I am the elephant and I am the horse.
I am the flowers that bloom in the spring
I am the queen and I am the king.
I am the summer when the sun shines
I am the beginning and end of all time.

2004 Eline


The River's Edge


When I stand up there upon the ledge
   Looking down upon the river's edge
   I'm looking down inside my head
   There's nothing there unless I'm dead
   The river flows on, in the sea it's sank
   It flows on and on I see no bank
   And on and on but it has no sound
   And on with no direction found
   With or without me there's no respite
   The river breaks it's banks at night
   The sun still shines, but not on me
   The world still turns. I shall be
   Wherever you say the sun will shine
   But the lives you see there won't be mine
   Finding peace without myself
   A loss of nothing which is myself
   I look around but see no face
   All blank in front towards the place
   Emptiness fills up this entire Earth
   What don't we need is another birth
   One that yearns for an end to life
   And for escape through a shining knife
   There is a land that has no night
   My skin is black - my heart is white.


2004 Eline



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