Come Sisters


Come sisters; for all our brothers -
Do not let them fall into tombs;
The mistakes made by forefathers
Whose plans all have died in our wombs.

Come for our sons, who die today,
Fighting men for a cause unjust;
Lies revered as the only way,
In the name of a warlike lust.

For all your service in the war
Is fought and persevered in vain;
When all is caught in hist'ry's maw,
Remember none, nary a name:

Mere numbers if you win or lose,
The generals are whose names we learn -
Yet still the recruits wait in queues;
Deep within they feel fires burn.

For he who dies has lost his world,
No matter what the wars he fought;
The armies are like forests felled -
The rulers, still, remain untaught:

The last war that they fought was lost,
To bloody fogs of erelong time;
It, so we're told, was at no cost,
Excluding lives of brothers mine.




2006 Eline





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