Light of Love


Tomorrows never come
Yesterdays never go away
And today may never end.

Bring light to clear the cloud
That endeavours to fill your mind
With uncertainty and doubt.

Shine your light of love
So that all may see you now
And know what's in your heart.

Everyone claims to know
That who you claim to be
Is not who you really are.

But you're the one who knows
And what you know is true
The world is cloaked in fog.

So shine your light of love
And bring about the dusk and night
So that morning follows on.

One day will be tomorrow
And love will show the way
Your light will shine forever.


2004 Eline


Birth of the wrathful spirit


A dark mist gathers yonder,
Curlicues form, then it evanesces.
It gasps like a winter's breath;
Nebulae born; then it coalesces.


Fearful, it is a new form -
Swirling into being around a soul.
And the soul is old, yet fresh:
It takes on features, forms into a whole.


New eyes blink into the sun,
Thick fingers flex, and then curl to a fist
A foundry slap, into palm:
Innate fury births a yet darker mist.


The dark mist envelops all.
All things close are swamped; overwhelming rage,
It brings forth tears of anger,
Leaves bile; and the soul feels trapped in its cage.


The body and the soul rest,
Dreams now of the soul's next embodiment.
Tumbling tears leave their tracks,
And the body fades, until it is spent.


But the soul reawakens:
Floating again in the ether, adrift,
Seeking physicality,
But finding only schism; space; a rift.


The dream: or was it a dream?
The bodies that pass, forever, always,
Seem for eternity
To possess transience; an end of days.


There was anger and hatred,
But like the brief and phthisic existence,
They passed and faded away,
To always recur, in all born systems.


And so the dark mist returns.
It seeks out places for incarnations,
And finds them, and loses them;
A cyclical existence. Impatience.


2004 Eline



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