Richard Atkinson



I'm not Jesus but i know where god works

at the post office
is god.

he is called Dennis
and is more often

than not the only person

he has a
man slave assistant

who I think is
a touch distrusting
of people

and does not serve
at the counter much ,

to do tasks that
always seem to

need doing
behind the counter.

he is a busy
busy man

beavering away
for mr.god

always takes his time
and knows

all the customers
names straight off

asking how they are.
that's how I know
he must be god.

well that and the fact
that he hands over

my giro money
every two weeks

with no questions asked
and a smile or two.

most would
be grudge me it
and snarl at me.

we always stand
in line serenely

and pretend
we have

all the time
in the world.

I often wonder
what god does

on sundays
and bank holidays ?

probably fishing,
fishing for
lost souls perhaps

like me
like you.

I never ask him

I know he would
not tell me,
just yet.




2005 Richard Atkinson





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