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Tribute Pages for James Douglas Stevenson.



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The aim of SpiritNet is to promote and encourage creativity in all forms.

The works displayed here, in the main, have a spiritual slant. However,

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SpiritNet News:


16th July, 2006 - A selection of poetry by Richard Atkinson


15th July, 2006 - More Poetry by Miakoda and Eline


19th Feb, 2006 - Latest addition to SpiritNet - a collection of  Artwork  by  freelance artist and illustrator, Catherine Marche


27th Jan, 2006 -  Photography and Artwork by Llori Stein


20th Jan, 2006  - Photography and Artwork by East Coast Artist, Patricia Benitez


14th Jan, 2006 -  Two Fridays

Extract: The sun was just past noon over the al-Jummah mosque in Brixhall Lane, south London. Karim and a dozen of his brothers in Islam stepped out of the mosque, fresh from zuhr prayers, and into the biting cold of a London winter....Read more here



25th Sept, 2005 -  Village of Fire by Eline . A multi-layered, intriguing, atmospheric story laced throughout with mystery and suspense. Superb.




Special thanks to Paul Ruddoch for allowing a collection of his inspirational work to be displayed here on SpiritNet.